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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sad State of Affairs . . . .

I don't write books for children. However, I do work through my Kiwanis Club to bring books to children. All of our fund-raising efforts for the past ten years have been geared toward buying books for school libraries in our community.

A friend on the west coast reported this evening that she witnessed a well-known author of children's books turn away a child who could not afford one of her books at a book-signing event today. The child only wanted her autograph on a slip of paper. And the author refused to do that for her.

How has it come to this? Do we, as authors, want to encourage children to love reading or are we in this just for the sales?

I wish I had been there. That little girl would not have gone away disappointed and empty-handed if I could have done something about the situation. And I wish I could buy that book for her . . . .

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