. . . 428 pages of mystery, adventure, and romance at a thrilling roller-coaster ride pace.

Set against the backdrop of territorial days in New Mexico, a Gibson Girl heroine and an unforgettable cast of characters sift through clues on two continents in their search for truth, justice, and love.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recognition for Tierra Red

The Armand Hammer United World College near Las Vegas, New Mexico gave a wonderful mention to Tierra Red in it's Spring, 2010 edition.

In a column entitled "Already Famous", the following was listed:

Novels with scenes in the Montezuma Castle and nearby Las Vegas, New Mexico:

Child of a Rainless Year

Cottonwood Saints

Hermit's Peak

The Night Journal

Tierra Red

Many thanks to both the college and Linda King for bringing this recognition to our attention!

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