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Set against the backdrop of territorial days in New Mexico, a Gibson Girl heroine and an unforgettable cast of characters sift through clues on two continents in their search for truth, justice, and love.

Monday, March 09, 2009

TIERRA RED is now published . . .

To say it has been an exciting six days since Tierra Red was published last Wednesday is not the half of it! Waiting for my author's copies to arrive has been excruciating . . . .

When you roll your mouse over Lily's face now, you will find that it links to an author's webpage with further links to Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com and an ebook format.

Each week I will begin posting character studies and more historical points from Tierra Red. There is such a wealth of historical information surrounding this story that we will run out of weeks before all of it can be told.

Stay tuned for some fun contests, too . . . .


Melissa said...

also at Target.com!

hee hee

a2susan said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How very exciting! You must be thrilled.
I love the cover - it's a real eye-catcher. I'm going to see if it's available at B&N before ordering online - or do you have copies you can sell so I have get an author's autograph?

I'm so happy for you! Yay!